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Welcome to Wallpaper Removal Guys we are an established wallpaper removal business that that’s has been in operation for several years. For years we have offered our customers exceptional wallpaper removal services earning us a reputation beyond the boundaries of this city. Our service guarantees our clients the best value for money. Old wallpapers can make your home appeal undesirable and gives your visitors a bad perception. At Wallpaper Removal Guys we work with clients from different backgrounds helping them improve their homes by professional wallpaper removal and installation service.

As we all know wallpaper removal can be a tough job and if not done by a professional it can seriously affect the integrity of the underlying wall. In this regard Wallpaper Removal Guys offers clients the following wallpaper removal services are affordable prices with an excellent touch of professionalism.


Wallpaper Stripping or Removal

Wallpaper Stripping or Removal – Our professionals at Wallpaper Removal Guys have experience in wallpaper stripping for old wallpapers or for damaged wallpapers. Through years of professional experience we have mastered the easiest ways to strip wall papers without damaging the walls. This helps cuts costs for renovating the walls. You can trust Wallpaper Removal Guys professionals to do the best job.


Wall Paper Removers

Wall Paper Removers – Although not the cores business of Wallpaper Removal Guys we provide our clients with wallpaper removers. For those clients who want to do it themselves. We however recommend that they ask Wallpaper Removal Guys professional for advice on removing the wallpapers.

When you contact us on 888-320-7492  we will plan for a wallpaper removal assessment then agree on the most appropriate time for your project.

Wallpaper Glue Removal – When you remove the wallpaper one of the worst outcomes is persistent patches of adhesive used to place the wallpaper. Wallpaper Removal Guys offers services for removing the wallpaper adhesive and reinstating the integrity of the wall for further renovation. If this adhesive is not removed the new wallpaper will not adhere to the wall appropriately.

Remove Vinyl Wallpaper and Old Wallpapers - there are different kinds of wallpapers that might present challenges when removing. It therefore requires the help of experienced professional. Wallpaper Removal Guys services involve removal of all types of wallpapers, whether you are looking forward to removing vinyl or even an ordinary old wall paper, Wallpaper Removal Guys is the best solution for your needs.

Wallpaper Replacement and Painting – Most of clients who come to Wallpaper Removal Guys for wallpaper removal they are also looking for painting and renovation of the wall after wallpaper removal. Wallpaper Removal Guys offers a complete wallpaper removal and painting service. You can as well ask us to paint your wall after wallpaper removal. In some cases some clients request for painting over the wall paper as well as wallpaper replacement.

wallpaper removal just like many other home improvement tasks require you to spend time and learn the skills for you to do a perfect job but with Wallpaper Removal Guys in mind you should consider asking us for help. When you contact us on 888-320-7492  we will plan for a wallpaper removal assessment then agree on the most appropriate time for your project.

Wallpaper Removal Guys promises clients they will have a 100% guarantee of our wallpaper removal service and they will also bring into the job professional with years of experiencing helping get the job done on time and with exceptional craftsmanship.

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