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Wallpaper Removal Guys is a professional wallpaper removal services business. We have been offering wallpaper removal services for years and our clientele has grown from all over the city of Mostly our growth has been attributed to the professional, timely and high quality wallpaper service that we offer our clients. For every wallpaper removal project we take our specialists who have done the job for years.

Our Wallpaper Removal Services

We also learn from every experience and improve our overall customer service. Wallpaper Removal Guys comprises of a team of specialists who offer their services with delight that include wallpaper removals, wallpaper adhesive removal, wallpaper replacement and painting.

Our Wallpaper Removal Techniques

Wallpaper Removal Guys employs both technique and skills to help get the job done in the best time possible as well as leave your wall with a professional luster after the wallpaper removal. Putting the skills and available technology together is an invaluable part of success in wallpaper removal. We employ several wallpaper removal process that might include hand stripping, use of steam and application of a non toxic and environment friendly wallpaper remover.

The choice of technology and skills to use depends on the varying condition of the wall and the type of wallpaper that is being removed. Overall we guarantee all Wallpaper Removal Guys clients that the outcome of the wallpaper removal process is high quality workmanship irrespective of the technique and skills employed in the wallpaper removal process. The choice of the process of wallpaper removal also impacts on the amount of time spent on the project which also relates to the overall project quote.

Request Wallpaper Removal Project Quote

Our customer service department is always available to answer your questions and help you get the best quote for your wallpaper removal project. Our customer inquiries can be directed to 888-320-7492. If you have a wall paper removal project do not hesitate to contact Wallpaper Removal Guys team of the following 888-320-7492 number. If you are within our location you can as well visit out offices or write to us.

Wallpaper Removal Project Assessment

Each wallpaper removal project brings its own unique experiences as the Wallpaper Removal Guys team has learnt over the years, the best way to get the job done quickly is by assessing the project requirements. There are various factors that are put into consideration when evaluating a wallpaper removal project. Wallpaper Removal Guys wallpaper removal experts want to know the following:

The type of wallpaper that is being removed

The type of adhesive that was used to place the wallpaper

The type of wall and its condition behind the wallpaper

How the wallpaper was originally installed

Whether wallpaper replacement or painting should be done after wallpaper removal

This information is important for the Wallpaper Removal Guys team to make informed decision on the nature of your project and provide you with the most appropriate quote. This information also helps to give the approximate amount of time that you can expect the team to spend on your project. We may also offer you insights on the best way to replace your wallpaper as well as painting your wall. You can contact us on 888-320-7492 for us to get started with your project today.

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